The Track One Restaurant

Established in 1972, Track One was the brainchild of Robert Neilson and H.F Smith, AKA “Smitty” owners of then, Smith Neilson Datsun. It took 3 to 4 years before they opened the doors to serve sandwiches and spirits. These gentlemen created a unique meeting place by relocating and combining three railroad cars; a 1920 Vintage Southern Pacific dining car, a caboose, and a reefer boxcar. These were settled on the tracks by Southern Pacific engineer CR. The spur at Montana was then cut to provide the home to these three beauties.

So many generations of families and friends have walked through its doors that they could tell a lifetime of stories.

Our menu offers a variety of delicious, hearty, meal choices but we are home to the BEST WINGS IN EL PASO! We serve the coldest bottled beers and we have a beautiful, well stocked bar.

We hope you, your family and friends enjoy many more years of our unique atmosphere.